Hi, you have now arrived at the Heroes Welcome in London landing page.

Heroes Welcome in London is being jointly sponsored by the London Evening Standard and Black Cab Drivers, with the permission of Transport for London our aim is to try to get a Heroes Welcome sticker displayed in every Cab, showing your support to those who serve!

Heroes Welcome UK is operated as a free open resource wholly and exclusively for the purpose of showing support to those serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. You are welcome to download and use any of the Heroes Welcome in London imagery, logos, posters and stickers which are availabe from this page. All we ask in return is that if you do display our imagery then you commit to offering a warm and special welcome to serving members of the Armed Forces and their dependents. Heroes Welcome is not a discount scheme however, if you are a business operator then you are free to and would be encouraged to offer whatever you feel is appropriate, for more details please click on the business operator guide below. So don’t delay join up to day!

  • Click here to see a copy of the Heroes Welcome in London easy read Business Operators Guide
  • For your free Heroes Welcome Window Sticker please send a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope to: Heroes Welcome in London, CO 4 Sandside, Scarborough, YO1 11PE
  • Click here to download a copy of your adaptable Heroes Welcome in London Poster
  • Click here to download a Heroes Welcome in London Logo which you are free to copy and display
  • Click here to see a copy of the full Heroes Welcome UK Joining Guide

On behalf of all those serving in the Armed Forces thank you for your support. If you have a specific question regarding Heroes Welcome then please read our full Joining Guide and or email us through our contact page.

Many thanks
Heroes Welcome UK

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